This is me

This is the page where I tell you a little about myself. Well, this is me….some people will describe me as a ‘professional’ Photographer because I do sell my work; personally I would call myself a ‘part-time’ Photographer because life just gets in the way!

My passion for photography started when I was quite young and wanting to capture moments as they happened; to be able to look back and remember bygone times. I have fond memories of creating my first pin hole camera before learning to use a 35mm film camera (dinosaurs these days, but still jolly good) until we then set foot in a dark room with its ambience and chemical smells, a washing line with pegs hanging overhead waiting to hold up your emerging images. For one year I had the pleasure of teaching photography to a Class 10 at the local primary school.

I must own at least eight or nine cameras, and still have two that I am yet to try out, including an under water camera.

My travels have taken me all over Europe, mostly by the time I was twelve; I’ve dipped into Africa (sadly not South Africa, yet), the Middle East and Far East, America, Canada and Australasia. Wow! When it’s listed like that it sounds like I have actually done a lot!

Going back to being just a ‘part-time’ Photographer…..I would love to travel for work or purely enjoyment spending six months in the Caribbean photographing sting rays, but my life is somewhat tamer, but by no means less enjoyable. Indulging in my other passion – cats – has resulted in a household of five cats and a garden with two foster pens, property of Cats Protection.

My photography is nothing special, but I hope it proves inspirational to you.

Thank you for visiting.